How do I use this service?

You can use as registered and unregistered user. To register you can use your e-mail address or you can Log in with Facebook / Google account.

Registered users have access to additional features when using the service:

How to top-up mobile phone via cryptocurrency using ALFAtop?

There are few steps to top-up your prepaid mobile phone:


1.1 Оn the main page сhoose your international prefix and enter mobile number you want to top-up.

1.2 Click the button “PROCEED TO TOP-UP”.

how to top up mobile phone using cryptocurrency


2.1 Choose an operator and enter the amount:

top up mobile phone via ethereum
  1. Here you can edit the entered phone number.
  2. Here you can change an operator.
    Note: Our operator detection is not 100% perfect, so we let our users change the operator detection, especially in countries where you can change the operator but keep your phone number.
  3. If your country is on this list your order will be subject to the additional appropriate tax.
  4. Enter the amount to top-up.
  5. Here you can log in with your existing account.
  6. Here you can register a new account on
  7. If you do not want to log in just enter you e-mail to get detailed information about your order.

2.2 Or select fixed top-up amount:

top-up mobile phone using bitcoin

Here you can see the same feature as in 2.1.

Please make sure you're sending the exact total amount otherwise overpaid amount will not be refunded.

2.3. Check your phone number, operator and click “PROCEED TO NEXT STEP”.


3. Review your order information:

  • E-mail
  • Operator
  • Mobile number
  • Requested amount
  • Local VAT and taxes (only for countries on this list)
  • Receive amount
  • Processing fee
  • Top-up amount
  • Total amount to pay

If all the information provided is correct please check the green box.
And then click “PROCEED TO NEXT STEP”.

If no, you may go back to STEP 2 and make edits.

Note: You can top-up the number once in 24 hours.
topup mobile phone crypto


4. Choose cryptocurrency you want to pay (a) and send this exact amount (b) to our address (c).

All transactions are secure and made through our partners service - cryptocurrency payment processing system ALFAcoins.

Please make sure you're sending the exact total amount otherwise overpaid amount will not be refunded.

how to top-up mobile phone

If you don’t complete the payment within 15 minutes, the order will be automatically canceled.

top-up phone cryptocurrency

The exchange rate is determined at the time when order is created. The exchange rate is ONLY valid for 15 minutes after order's creation time.

If you complete the payment within the allowed time, but the payment reaches us in more than 15 minutes, your order price will be recalculated to reflect the updated exchange rate at the moment of order completion.

When you send the funds (b) to our account (c), the transaction has to get the required amount of confirmations on the blockchain.
Please wait.

pay for mobile phone cryptocurrency

Your top-up will be automatically sent to specified number when your transaction gets confirmed. 

pay for mobile phone cryptocurrency

If you didn’t receive the top-up within 5 minutes please contact our Support Team and provide all needed information about order.

Account overview

This is page of your profile. Here you can:

  • Change your current e-mail address
  • Reset your password
  • Connect Google
  • Delete account

Top-up History page

Here you can see the history of all payments made via the service and top-ups' statuses:

  • New - This status is used for freshly created payments.
  • Paid - This status indicates that the invoice has been paid, but payment is yet to be confirmed on the blockchain. For final confirmed payment status see “Completed”.
  • Completed -This status indicates that the top-up invoice has been fully paid, confirmed on the blockchain and sent to a recipient.
  • Expired - This status indicates that the payment wasn't made within 15 minutes.
  • Failed - This status indicates that the transaction has ultimately failed and been cancelled on operator's end. In this case you should contact us via Support team.

We hope you find our service easy and convenient to use.
Best wishes,
ALFAtop team.